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Pole Dance Fitness Classes:

Want to get fit and tone up but fed up with the same old work out? Well, pole dancing classes are the latest craze, and are excellent for both general exercise and your overall fitness. Pole dancing lessons are a fantastic way of getting into shape, toning up, increasing your upper body strength and great for confidence building as well ( its also lots of fun to! )

We run friendly pole dancing fitness classes; 6 week courses (with certificate) and pole parties for all levels, shapes and sizes!

We also run excellent pole dancing hen parties as well !

So if you want to learn how to pole dance, have some fun, and at the same time increase your overall fitness, they why not come along to one of our professional pole dancing lessons.

Pole Courses

pole courses There are a total of 7 pole dance fitness courses to complete, from ‘Beginners Stage 1’ through to ‘Masters’. Each course runs for 6 weeks allowing you to get into the ‘swing’ of things, learning new pole dancing moves, techniques, spins and routines.

With each stage you will build strength and confidence before moving up to the next level of pole dancing lessons, where you will learn more advanced techniques.

We believe it is better to learn how to pole dance in stages so that your dancing teacher can concentrate on your progress, without needing to spend time teaching more advanced moves to others within the same class but at different skill stages.

You will be awarded with a certificate at various stages of your pole dancing training if you attend and complete each 6 week stage!

Pole Parties
As well as our pole dancing classes, our pole dance parties are always great fun! If you have a Birthday, Hen Night, Team building event, Girls night out, Summer or Christmas Party (any excuse really!!) then a Pole Party is a fun and novel idea.

Pole Parties are 2 hours long so there’s plenty of time to learn to pole dance and try out the latest pole dancing moves and techniques. By the end of the lesson you'll be able to incorporate all of the pole moves you have leaned into a full routine!

Just for fun, we normally get the Birthday / Hen girl to do a special solo performance! But only if they are willing of course!)

Why not book it as a surprise for your friend! You can wear your heels and any clothes you like, providing it is still safe on the pole. All venues have full alcohol licences so you can have a drink or 2…at your own risk of course!!

pole dance party You can also hire one of our professional pole dancing class instructors with your pole. They will teach you pole dance fitness techniques, the best exercise routines and the latest pole dancing moves. Instructors are available at a small additional cost to the above (depending on length of time). Prices available upon request.

If you choose not to hire a professional pole dancing instructor, then we will provide guide lines of ‘how’ to use the pole properly and when ‘not’ to use the pole. However, without a proper teacher, all pole activity will be is strictly at your own risk! Please provide as much notice as possible if you wish to hire a pole or instructor.

Pole Hire

pole dancing parties Poles can be hired for personal use and are ideal for Summer parties, hen nights, Christmas parties or a Girls day / night in.

They can also be great if you want to practice or learn pole dancing in your own time. Poles can be hired for 24hrs, for any function for £120. A refundable deposit of £80 is required.
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