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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra or Cerceau) is a large steel hoop, suspended from the ceiling on which you can perform aerial acrobatics!

During your KP's Aerial Hoop class, we will cover a variety of techniques.

This will include getting onto the apparatus, creating shapes and poses and moving within it, giving you the opportunity to execute dynamic tricks, spins and swings!

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Increase your strength & stamina:

The class will begin with a thorough warm up and be completed with a cool down.

We will also cover various conditioning exercises, some ground based and others incorporating the aerial equipment, which will allow students to further their strength and stamina.

Whole body workout:

Aerial Hoop classes are great for building strength, stamina and increasing flexibility.

It will give your whole body a good workout but when it comes to your core muscles and your upper body strength - nothing even comes close.

We advise students to wear suitable clothing for the aerial hoop classes. It is important to have skin covered and suggest wearing fitted clothes, leg warmers or long socks.

Current timetable:

Lesson type:
Aerial Dance / Gymnastics

More info Every Monday, Thursday & Saturday

Who for:
Age 6 - Adults. All ability's welcome

Aerial Hoop / Lyra classes cost £45 for a block of 4 classes.

Private lessons: one-to-one lesson = £30 per hour. Two-to-one lesson = £20 per hour

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