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What Should I Wear?

You should wear something comfortable you can move freely in; for most classes vest top & dance pants/tracky bottoms/sweats/combats are fine. For the Pole classes shorts are best for maximum grip & Ballet you should be in appropriate attire. Appropriate footwear is only 100% necessary in Tap. You must have Tap shoes to attend this class! Pole, Jazz, Street, Burlesque, classes can be done in trainers & Ballet, Partner work, Stretch & Lyrical in bear feet until the necessary shoes can be purchased!

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How Much Do The Lessons Cost?

3.50 for Children's classes - 60 for a Pole Fitness course Cost of all classes vary between 6.50 - 12.50. The Pole classes are in blocks of 6 week stages & must be booked & paid for at least 1week prior to the starting date. Burlesque classes also need to be booked & a holding deposit paid at least a week before your course is due to start & the remainder to be payed on the day!

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Where Are The Classes

We have classes in various different area of the uk Gloucestershire, Cornwall, London, Surrey, Wales

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Is There A Class In Your Area?

If you can't find classes in your area give us a call & see where are nearest one is! Maybe you know of a good area or venue you would like to see classes running at?..Give us a call,we are always expanding!

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About our pole courses /classes

Pole classes are for 1 hour every week same time & night but taught in 6 week blocks. Beginners Stage 1 = 6wks / Beginners Stage 2 = 6wks / Intermediate Stage 1 = 6wks & so on;there are 7 stages in total.

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Cost & Payment for Classes & Courses

Street, Ballet & Tap is pay as you go but all other classes, courses & workshops must be paid for in advance. Each Pole Fitness stage is 60 Which is payable in full before your course starts, in this instance you will receive our Summer discount of 10 making your course 50 instead of the normal 60.

OR 30 payable as your deposit as soon as you let us know you want to be booked on. The other 30 is to be paid off before your course starts.

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What will I learn?

We will teach you moves, spins & a routine & after 6 weeks the whole class will move up a level (providing you are not struggling too much) & each level progressively gets harder!

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Missing a class

If you miss a session & give us 24 hours notice we can arrange for you to slot into another class for a catch up at a mutually convenient time. If you don't manage to give us 24hours we will still do our best to get you into another class to catch up but can't guarantee it.


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What should I wear?

Anything you can move about in such as tracky bottoms or leggins & a t-shirt. For Pole Fitness we wear trainers/split sole dance shoes & gym gear - Shorts & vest tops / spaghetti straps are best. You need skin to grip the pole!

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What should I NOT wear?

Moisturizer & poles are not a good combination! Please DO NOT moisturize or apply any products such as fake tan to your skin for at least a few hours before your class. You will find it impossible to grip the pole & you will leave it greasy making it hard for anyone else using the pole after you to grip.

Jewelery: Please DO NOT wear jewelry in class! We request that you remove all jewelry including rings before the class commences. Wearing jewelry in a dance or fitness class is very dangerous & can cause injury as well as damaging the poles!

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What should I expect?

It is fabulous for losing weight, toning up, strengthening muscles, posture, flexability & confidence.

The class is social & fun & has a little element of sauce!

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How old do you have to be?

Any age upwards from 16 (unless i have parents consent... in which case the parent must come along to meet me with I.D) We can't take any chances!

Any shape,size & level of fitness is welcome.

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What should I bring along?

You should bring a sweat towel & a sense of humour!

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How can I pay for my course?

You can pay via Paypal OR Cheque OR Cash Paypal: You can pay via paypal (you do not need to have a paypal account to do this just click on our link & follow the instructions) it's secure, fast & easy.

Cheque / Cash:

The office address to send payment to is:

59 Bristol Road

Please make cheques payable to Kelly Parsons & write your full details on the back (please note all cheques need at least 1 week to clear) Please make sure you send your check with plenty of clearance time before your course starts.

If you would prefer to pay by cash please put it in an envelope with your full details inside & drop it off at the above address.

Please let us know via call or text if you have done the later so we are aware it is there to pick up.

You will receive a receipt of payment every time you pay for a course.

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Deposits & payment of courses will not be refunded under any circumstances (only in extreme circumstances where you can provide a headed Drs note will any refunds be considered). If you miss a class you must ask to be put on a catch up lesson no monies will be refunded for any classes you do not attend.

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